Wizyt/Visitors: 21076


Jeffers owal

“Thank you very much for your kind remarks. I very much enjoyed the hospitality extended to me at the very first Eimeriana avia Symposium. I learned a lot from the other speakers and the participants in the conference. It was an experience that I will always treasure as a memorable event.”

Prof. Thomas Jeffers

Fitz owal

“Again thanks for the wonderful treatment I received in Wroclaw-Poland. The program was great and professionally done. Again, thanks the invitation and the hospitality received.”

Dr Steve Fitz-Coy

Damer owal

“Thank you both once again for inviting me to join you at Eimeriana and for your immensely kind welcome and support. I really enjoyed my trip and believe that the conference has been an enormous success. Well done!”

Dr Damer Blake


“On behalf of Elanco Animal Health, I would like to congratulate the organizers for coordinating such a high class event. We are pleased that we were able to take an active part in creating a good atmosphere and the substantive basis for this, hopefully recurrent, conference. We are convinced that it is only by joint educational efforts and the exchange of experience, that Polish poultry maintains its position in Europe, which indirectly contributes to the realization of our business goals. If nothing stands in the way, we are ready to participate in creating the program for the future conferences.”

Dr Tomasz Kwiatkowski ELANCO


“On behalf of the company Hipra, I would like to thank the whole team responsible for the organization of Eimeria 2016 for the opportunity to participate in this important event. Also, I appreciate the organizers’ and the coparticipating companies’ contribution to the excellent organization of the conference.”

Dr Jacek Fabczak Hipra

Furmanek “Our foreign guests highly evaluated Eimeria for both its substantial content, as well as its organizational settings, which we are very glad about. Thank you very much for the invitation, we are looking forward to future cooperation.”

Dr Danuta Furmanek MSD


“On behalf of Zoetis, I would like to thank the organizers for their effort, time and commitment. As far as I know, the opinions of the conference participants, as well as the personal assesments of my colleagues, are very similar: substantial level and the organizational settings of the conference were undeniably high-level. We are glad to have made a contribution to the creation of this event. Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation, we hope to continue collaborating with you.”

Dr Gabor Kis Zoetis