The workshop will take place on March 1, 2018 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. str. Ciszewskiego 8

Access from the metro station “Służew”: buses No. 193, 401 bus stop “Ciszewskiego”.

Access from the Holiday Inn hotel: access to the bus stop about 25 minutes, access from Józefów.

Workshops will be held in three thematic modules:

Module A: Introduction to poultry coccidiosis for veterinary diagnostics. (Mainly for employees of veterinary laboratories)
Module B: Techniques of vaccination against coccidiosis and principles of their effectiveness control / Practical aspects of control of D. gallinae invasion on poultry farms (Only for practicing specialist doctors or who are in the process of specializing in poultry diseases)
Module C: “Scoring without secrets” – a workshop for people who want to learn the point method of assessing intestinal changes in the course of Eimeria sp. Infection and much more!


For technical reasons, twelve people may take part in the training. The order of applications decides about participation in the workshops.

The cost of participation in the workshop is 700,00 PLN (including VAT) – for module A and 500,00 PLN (VAT included) for module B and C.

Registration will be carried out until the limit of places is reached.

After submitting your application, please wait for an e-mail confirming your application. Next, a message will be sent informing about the status of the reservation along with the account number. The time to make a payment and send a copy confirming the payment to the return email address is five business days. After this date the registration will be canceled and will allow the participation of people who have registered after the limit of places has been exhausted (such persons will receive an e-mail about the possibility of making a deposit, and thus about participating in the workshop).


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Szanowni Państwo !

Zespół Eimeriana Avia najuprzejmiej dziękuje  Państwu za, jak zwykle  niezawodny. liczny i aktywny udział w Międzynarodowej Konferencji Technicznej Eimeriana Avia  III!

Dziękujemy za wszystkie miłe słowa pod naszym adresem, przepraszamy gorąco za wszelkie  niedociągnięcia  – co złego to nie my!

Do zobaczenia na kolejnej Konferencji  projektu, która planowana jest na 22-24 02 2024  w  stolicy!

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