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II International Technical Conference EIMERIANA AVIA

Coccidiosis and other invasive poultry diseases – current challenges A.D. 2018

Warsaw, SGGW, Hotel HOLIDAY INN Józefów, 2nd-3rd March 2018

2nd March 2018 (Friday) – Hotel HOLIDAY INN, Józefów

Session I

Chairperson – Prof. dr hab. Alina Wieliczko

1000-1015 Opening ceremony
1015-1030 IN MEMORY Piotr Szeleszczuk (Poland): Contribution of Professor Michał Mazurkiewicz in creating a national system of poultry coccidiosis prevention
1030-1110 INAUGURAL LECTURE – Thomas Jeffers (USA): My ally in coccidiosis search
1110-1150 Sylwia Doner (Poland): Epidemiology of coccidiosis of chicken broilers in Poland in 2010-2016 in terms of own research results
1150-1205 Coffee break

Session II

Chairperson – Prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Balicka-Ramisz

1205-1250 Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Poland): Coccidiosis pressure in 2016-2017
1250-1335 Elise A. Myers (Canada): Broiler performance histories: influence of  different coccidiosis control strategies.
1335-1350 Michał Jankowski (Poland): Herbal active substances in prophylaxis and treatment of coccidiosis
1350-1450 Dinner

Session III

Chairperson – Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Koncicki

1450-1535 Monita Vreecken (Belgium): Immunoprophylaxis of chicken coccidiosis – current status and perspectives
1535-1615 Jean-Michel Répérant (France): Challenging commonly accepted ideas: pathogenicity of Eimeria praecox alone or associated with Eimeria acervulina, and new hypothesis concerning fertilization during the life cycle of poultry coccidian
1615-1655 Agata Lecewicz (Poland): Coccidiosis of turkeys in practice
1655-1730 Małgorzata Olejnik (Poland): Toxicological aspects of the use of coccidiostats in poultry feed – practical interpretation of the results of toxicological studies on residues
1730-1745 María Larrakoetxea (Spain): Use of phytobotics in the control of coccidiosis and necrotizing enterocolitis
1745-1800 Piotr Bonisławski (Poland): Coccidiostats – what they are and how they support sustainable poultry production – the point of view of the consumer

3rd March 2018 (Saturday) – Hotel HOLIDAY INN, Józefów

Session IV

ChairpersonDr hab. Rajmund Sokół

900 – 1000 Sporulations 2018 – The competition of young veterinary avioparasitologists behalf of Professor Michał Mazurkiewicz:
900 – 910 Kamila Bobrek (UP Wrocław): Phylogenetic analysis of Ascaridia galli isolates
910 – 920 Piotr Falkowski (UP Wrocław): Evaluation of extensiveness of invasion of Tetratrichomonas sp in reproductive herds of geese
920 – 930 Remigiusz Gałęcki (UWM Olsztyn): Evaluation of control of Eimeria spp. in black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) from aviary farms
930 – 940 Natalia Kaczor (Avicare): Assessment of the occurrence of Eimeria spp. Invasion in broiler chicken flocks in 2016-2017
940 – 950 Monika Rogala (SGGW Warszawa): The effect of various forms of vitamin D on the intensity of coccidiosis invasion in chicken broilers vaccinated and non-vaccinated against coccidiosis
1000-1045 Michael Hess (Austria): Histomonosis – sresearch to solve the problem.
1045-1130 Annie Flochlay-Sigognault (USA): Exzolt – an innovative method of therapy for the invasive poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
1130-1200 Brunch
1200-1245 Tomasz Cencek (Poland): Fighting Dermanyssus gallinae? Regardless of the method, its selection should be determined by the sensitivity of the parasite to insecticides

Session V

ChairpersonDr hab. Tomasz Cencek

1245-1330 Stefano Gianazza DVM (Italy): DefenceSequence” – integrated pest management program – experienced solutions for red mite control.
1330-1415 Sokół Rajmund (Poland): Evaluation of the fluralaner’s effectiveness against Dermanyssus gallinae invasion in domestic conditions
1415-1445 Andrzej Gaweł (Poland): Practical remarks on the prevention of intestinal nematodes in chicken flocks
1445-1500 Discussion. Summary
1500 Dinner